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OHEA's Steering Committee is made up of six culturally specific community based organizations and one local public health institute. The steering committee is comprised of leader of color and organizations who serve communities of color, low income communities, refugee and immigrant communities and folks disproportionately impacted by health inequities including rural and frontier communities, LGBTQIA2+ communities, youth, aging populations, people living with disabilities and individuals with chronic health conditions.

OHEA values community input and leadership in multiple levels of our work. Our Community Powered Change program is led by a group of Leadership Team members who expertly drive our community led and driven strategy work.

OHEA's Steering Committee:



Our general membership meets four times per year for interactive and collaborative meetings throughout the tri-county region.

OHEA also convenes a Policy Committee made up of OHEA Members and the Steering Committee. This committee, in alignment with OHEA’s mission, believes everyone should have an equal chance to achieve their full health potential and supports a policy agenda that is framed by our values, theory of change and long-term goal of forging progress in health equity for all of Oregon.


We are currently accepting new members! Applications are reviewed on the last day of each month. Please complete the form linked below and a member of our team will follow-up with you.

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