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Community Conversations on Data 

In late Spring/early Summer 2021, OHEA partnered with the regional Public Health Modernization teams at Yamhill, Clackamas, Washington, and Multnomah counties on community-informed data sharing. In the wake of COVID-19, data collection inequities and the gaps in data collection and community engagement were at the forefront of conversations at all levels. In service of developing culturally responsive approaches and equitable, culturally responsive approaches in engaging communities around communicable disease data, OHEA kept hearing from communities that we needed more foundation and introduction to data in general. That’s why we organized three Community Conversations on Data for communities to hear from Black, Indigenous, and people of color public health experts, data analysts, epidemiologists, researchers, academics, and community organizers about the impacts of data and how they navigate the nuances of an often complex and inaccessible subject. We are so excited to share the conversations with our communities and are grateful for your patience as we made sure our videos were available in ASL, subtitled English and Spanish.

Community Conversation on Data #2: Impacts of Data for BIPOC Communities. Panelists: Dr. Aileen Duldulao she/her, Lynn Rampe they/them, Dr. Mira Mohsini she/her.


Interpreters: Mary Herman and Heather Duval, ASL, Ruth Erickson, Spanish

Community Conversations on Data #3: Challenges and Power in Understanding, Using, and Creating Data. Panelists: Leila Haile they/them, Dr. Andres Lopes he/him, Marco Seiferle-Valencia he/him.

Interpreters: Abel Cosentino and Amanda Wilkes, ASL. Manuel Osuna, Spanish.

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